Monday, January 24, 2011

A herd of Elephants

I was not content with having a parliment of owls I have decided to have a play and make an elephant.. One elephant turned into a herd.

I am quiet attached to these elephants

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I really have caught the sewing bug..

I really had so much fun creating my Parliment of owls that I decided to make some other toys. I absolutley love babushka dolls, so I had to make some.The babushka dolls are 27cm x 40cm and they are very cuddly. I need to make one for myself now. I have also created some other animals that I see around my home in the country. I made a funky bird and as we are plauged with rabbits I decide to make a funky rabbit.

I have been busy creating a parliment of owls..

I made my beautiful niece a little owl for Christmas, she loved it so much that I have decided to make some more. Brooke is trying to convince me to sell these, so I would appreciate some feed back on these Owls..These adorable creature are 20cm x 20cm..